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In the early 1960's the Scottsville community recognized the need for ambulance service. Service was provided by the Scottsville Fire Department from the early 1960's until 1992 and was supervised by a Director of Operations or "D.O.". Staffing was provided by firefighters that were classified as "Company 2" members. These members had no voting rights and were not allowed to attend Department meetings.

In 1991, two members of "Company 2" petitioned the Fire Company for equal rights and treatment. To no avail, these members petitioned the Village Board of Trustees for the same. Also at the same time, members of the ambulance requested the Village of Scottsville fund ambulance operations. This was due to significantly increased costs in the two areas of insurance, and training.

In June of 1992, the Village of Scottsville created the Village of Scottsville Fire Department Rescue Squad which is allowed under section 209 (b) of General Municipal Law (G.M.L.). Ambulance operations were funded by the Village of Scottsville through Village taxes and monies received under contract by the Town of Wheatland and Town of Chili. The position of EMS Captain was created, who was directly in charge of Departmental EMS operations, EMS budget administration, and EMS personnel. The EMS Captain reported directly to the Village Fire Commissioners (Trustees).

In early 2008, the Village re-structured the leadership titles to more closely reflect job responsibilities. The position of EMS Chief was created. EMS Captain and Lieutenant positions were preserved. Like all other members of the Rescue Squad, the EMS Chief position is held by a volunteer.

In January 2017, the Village of Scottsville transferred it's operating authority to CHS Mobile Integrated Healthare. CHS was created as the result of the merger of Chili Volunteer Ambulance Service, Inc., Henrietta Volunteer Ambulance Service, Inc, and the Village of Scottsville Rescue Squad. The merger was undertaken to ensure the long term viability of community based ambulance services well into the future.



February 10, 2013
The 2012 annual report is available for viewing/download HERE

April 10, 2012

Local Award Winners!  At the 2012 Scottsville FD and EMS awards banquet, EMT Mike Connelie was awarded the 2011 Scottsville EMS 'Chief's Award'.  EMT Connelie was honored with this prestigious award for his outstanding efforts and dedication to the Rescue Squad and to the community. 

EMS Chief Matthew Jarrett was awarded the Monroe Livingston Regional EMS Council's '2012 EMT Of the Year'  award.  Chief Jarrett is described as "...the etpitome of a true professional and has the respect of his subordinates, peers and supervisors".

Please congratulate both award winners when you see them!  

February 15, 2012

The annual report of the Scottsville Rescue Squad is available for download HERE .