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EMT's come from all walks of life. They are your kid's school teacher, the mechanic who fixes your car, the employees at the bank, even the local accountant or attorney from your home town. The truth is pretty much anyone can become involved in the Emergency Medical Services (EMS). While the people who operate as Emergency Medical Technicians are pretty special, there really is nothing about them that is any different than you. They have just had training to be able to take care of patients during a medical emergency. You too can receive that same training and become certified as an Emergency Medical Technician or Certified First Responder. If you were able to graduate from high school you probably have what it takes to become a Emergency Medical Technician.

Most EMTs in New York are volunteers, and becoming an EMT or First Responder is something that YOU CAN DO! Many people think that EMS is all about blood, gore, injuries and death. While we do see those things occasionally, the bulk of EMS calls are very routine involving relatively minor injuries or illnesses. Help and support are there for the occasional brutally traumatic call. Many current EMTs and First Responders started out just like you, wondering if they are going to be able to do this. They quickly found out that they can. Plus, the knowledge you will gain can be taken with you wherever you go. While everyone else will be panicked and unsure of what to do, your training as an EMT or First Responder will keep you calm and able to help during nearly any emergency that you encounter.

So, what are you waiting for? There is no better time than now to get started. Through tuition reimbursement programs, all training is paid for, with no expense to volunteers.



February 10, 2013
The 2012 annual report is available for viewing/download HERE

April 10, 2012

Local Award Winners!  At the 2012 Scottsville FD and EMS awards banquet, EMT Mike Connelie was awarded the 2011 Scottsville EMS 'Chief's Award'.  EMT Connelie was honored with this prestigious award for his outstanding efforts and dedication to the Rescue Squad and to the community. 

EMS Chief Matthew Jarrett was awarded the Monroe Livingston Regional EMS Council's '2012 EMT Of the Year'  award.  Chief Jarrett is described as "...the etpitome of a true professional and has the respect of his subordinates, peers and supervisors".

Please congratulate both award winners when you see them!  

February 15, 2012

The annual report of the Scottsville Rescue Squad is available for download HERE .